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Hello friends and followers,

I don't know how to put mu rules on a 'sticky' note on my DA page,
so once more, here they are:

-Do not make anything knowingly and wilfully against God or His church*.

Other than that: you may use, distribute, manipulate and make a profit
with and off anything I have in my gallery.


(*That would be the Roman catholic church, first and foremost, the Orthodox
churches second and thirdly, whichever of the "protestant" churches that
truly seek to follow Christ.)
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Friends and followers, hello!

I've been a bit quiet as of late (thanks for all the birthday wishes!), but I have a good
and possibly exciting reason: we've been working hard on getting everything ready for a...


Oh yes. :D
Now, we're not rich or anything, but we managed (well, my wife found it) to find a good
horse for little money. He's well-trained already and very kind. I've ridden it a couple of
times now, and after some proper lessons and training the idea is to take it to events.

There will be a stock shoot for all of you, so...

We're also getting things ready for a new re-enactment season: I will continue the 
Germanic Iron Age, but as a family we're going to portray 11th Century Dutch/Frankish
people as well. Neat, no?

Anyway, I hope 2014 is already going well for you.

Bye for now,
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Hello friends and followers,

Just in case you're wondering what I do with my time apart from making stuff, working in a home for handicapped people,
re-enacting the Iron Age or 11th century A.D. , being a husband and father ánd taking care of our livestock....

 There's a Youtube channel with my videos here:…

Enjoy! TV 
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Friends and followers,

Thanks for all your comments. There are some things I'd like to share with you
and I'll start posting again.

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Friends, followers and casual visitors,

I'm going to clean up my folders, please download what you want to keep
from them. I will severely reduce the amount of entries and be selecting
very strictly.


--------------------PLEASE READ THE RULES HERE-------------------------

-Do not make anything knowlingly and willingly against God or the Church.
-Other than that all works may be used in commercial projects: MAKE A BUCK!

-------------PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME FOR THE RULES AGAIN!----------------
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Anna Chronism that is. :D

My friend the Wolf knight and I had a bit of a training weekend. We just put on whatever we liked,
with you, my -or better: OUR- watchers in mind. Just so you know: we mixed it all up a bit, with
historical accuracy a little more important on sunday than saturday, but you'll see those later.

Anyway, lots of fun, weapons, beer and mead later, we've got some juicy photos for you to draw
from or manipulate with. Whatever you like.

I keep getting questions about my rules, so here they are again:

-Make nothing knowingly against God or His Church with our stuff.

That's it. Other than this go make a buck, sell your work, become famous and very rich and don't
give us a dime. Dimes, dollars, euros and such would be welcome, but you don't have to pay us

There you go. Have fun.

*Note: some of these have been shot with an iPhone 4. We did choose the best ones, so they
should still be useful.
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...or not.

At any rate, I've managed to put a few short film things on Youtube.
Managed, that is: using manky or broken equipment to record and
cut 'n paste everything. That, and filming myself in the cold night
whilst and at the same time trying to keep all the cars, tractors and
other disturbances from the film and keeping the fire going.

Needless to say it was a bit...*frustrating*. (Read: 'infuriating' :D )

I'm also glad my brother in law was able to take some stock-shots of
me as an Anglo-Saxon, doing medieval-ish things. People are already
liking them as if there's no tomorrow. Thanks. Use them well!

Here are links to the two little filmy things:

Deer flute melody:…

8th Century Anglo-Saxon prayer 'Eala Earendel':…

Second deer bone flute melody, recorded in the Iron Age village.…

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Dear friends and watchers,

I am truly sorry not to be able to comment and give you as much attention as I feel
you should have. It's very busy in our new life, being caretakers of a home for
handicapped people. (Well, it's more like all three will live integrated, as part of the

I'm also stepping up the re-enactment thing, and will work as a volunteer in the
Iron Age HAPS village. I can't tell you how great that is! I will do my best to keep
making inspirational materials and share of the wealth that God has provided us
with. With many gifts comes great gratitude and the wish to share! ;)

So, more Iron Age and early middle-ages. The 11th century will have to wait...
a little.

Thanks for all the comments, birthday wishes (I really ought to change it to my real
birthdate... :D ), features, drawings, invitations, messages and manips!

It's been crazy. I'm beginning to understand what stockers like Tasa must feel like. :D

Bye for now.
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  • Drinking: Tea of today, I have 1066 watchers. ominous number. :D

I say 'I', but really it's 'us': me mates and me. The account is mine, true enough,
but my friends have put in quite a bit of work. (Playing along, more like. XD )
Speaking of which, they will come over for a couple of days and I hope to shoot
some interesting photos. If anyone has requests, speak now or...well...speak later
or not at all.

I want to thank all the commenters for all the humour, suggestions and just reactions
of encouragement. There have been some people who couldn't live with my rules,
who very inclusivistically and full of peace, love and acceptance called me all kinds
of sweet things for being...well...actually being a Christian. That means I believe in and
worship Christ, the Son of God, as King of kings and God of gods. It seems that is not
what many people want Him to be, and if you stick to it, you're a bigot.
Funny how they never get angry about Hindus, Indians or Buddhists sticking to their

Nothing I didn't already know and expected however.... ;)

There have also been a lot of people messing around with our photos and I must say
that many are quite good. I always share the most stunning ones on my FB page
and sometimes on Twitter (when I don't forget).
Some have gone on to use photos for their own, sometimes commercial works and I'll
see if I can get a widget to display them.

As I don't have the time to record a Christmas song this year, I'll post this older one
and wish you all a Merry Christmas! May you be blessed and well in Christ...and if
you're not, well. There's still time. The people who got the Mayan calendar thing wrong
were...err...wrong after all. :D…
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We saw the first bit of snow for this year's winter and I went out to shoot some footage
for a song of mine. It's aptly called 'Winterlied' and it's in Dutch. There is an English version
too, and you can click on the link in the vid to listen to it. The English version is just the song though,
not the vid.

Anyway, watch if you want:…

It's a bit dark, folky and medievalish. :)
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Dear virtual (and virtuous I hope.. :D ) friends and followers,

We've finally moved, YAY! We've got a sweet spot somewhere in the middle of the Netherlands,
among the corn, cows and copses. There are lots of horses and some woods too...beautiful
places, suitable for some great shots very close by.

We will have to wait for internet though...a couple of weeks perhaps. So, I'll react to your
comments (thanks!) and notes (they will be replied to) later. Patience... ;)

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Last weekend the trouble and strife went to our new home with the saucepan lids and
I had the old place all to myself. And then there were beans and beer. :D
Friday evening me mate Red Wolf came over to help packing and get rid of the beer of
course... The Hospitaller came on Saturday and so, after some serious packing and
generally getting things done we were ready for some time off having fun.

The Hospitaller wanted to get all dressed up in his complete outfit for once, chainmail
and all, so we all got dolled up (in the 'Action Man' sense of the word :D ) and took
some more photos. Of course we remembered the poor people of DA and their constant
craving for all things medieval and manly (haha) and so we did the best we could with
the little daylight we had left.

There's a mish-mash of all kinds of things...some different angles, some battle-stuff,
a peasant (not very revolting) some humour (very revolting) and a little dog and master
action as The Bard from The Bard's Tale...
After all the silliness we watched the new Snowhite thing while sipping on some choice
beers from Belgium and Friesland. The movie was very funny, but you need some nerds
with beer to have the same experience I'm afraid. Visually stunning with some great
ideas, the movie didn't really know what it was, what it wanted or where it was going.
:D And pleeeease....the Twilight actress as 'the most beautiful woman in all the land'?
You have GOT to be kidding. :XD:

Aaaaanyway, we got ourselves another DD the other day, and it's great to see that
all the running around on the heath all geared up in the early morning got so much
attention. May it inspire and be of use!

Now, for coin and MORE COIN! (For running after cleavage gets you in trouble :P )
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We had the promised photo-fest and it was a lot of fun, as usual. I've made a selection
of the 500+ photos and will post them this week. It was absurdly hot by Dutch standards
on Saturday though, and the light was very bright... Summertime is just a bit too much for
this kind of thing, really. :D

The beer flowed freely -we experimented a bit by watering it down to get more medieval
type of ale- and I think we shot some really good photos. New stock and reference, so get
yer pencils and pads out!

After that, me mates an me went to the sanddunes of Aekinga again, but this time at night.
It was a decent bit of walking, under a moonless sky, but I guided the troop correctly
across the bumpy terrain. We found the watchtower while playinh characters of a story we
made up as we went along. Maybe I'll write the actual story some day..
Most of the night the sky was unclouded, so we could see the stars very well. We saw a
couple of falling stars too. One kept watch while the others slept. The sleeping and
watching went well and before we knew it, it was sunrise and we were sad to leave our tower.

We hope you will enjoy the photos and the banter. The rules are: use it as you see fit;
slap photomanips on covers of books, CD's, make digital artworks and get filthy rich with them etc.
but remember:

-Don't make anything against God or the Church KNOWINGLY and INTENTIONALLY.

I think we can ask that much. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.
Have fun!
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The Lord willing there will be a massive photofest with two friends and I.
Coming weekend three of us will get together....Red Peter, Godward...
We will bring an abundance of medieval cutlery, armour and other stuff
and do this once more before a long time of not being able to do this
methinks. (New jobs, moving etc...)

The location will be my friend's backyard (with the grass and pinetrees)
and maybe some shots on the heath and at the tower. (Some of you
know what I'm typing about)

So, if you have any wishes or suggestions, now is the time to ask and
suggest them!

-Knight sitting, drinking?
-Dead knights?
-Knights fighting?
-Crusaders doing the Camelot Stomp?
-and Impersonating Clark Gable?
-Peasants revolting?
-Dirty or squeaky clean medieval people? :P

Of course, if you don't we'll just be left to our own  devices and horse around
:D There will be beer, so no problem there)

Let us hear it!

Anyway, let's hear it!
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Well, we're about to move back to the middle part of the Netherlands...our Frisian adventure is coming to an end.
We couldn't find any work here, and had to look somewhere else. We found a job for both of us and it looks very
promising.... Friesland was..ís beautiful and we've made many friends....and, more relevant to the DA people,
I was able to make a lot of stock and stuff here! ;)

Speaking of making things: my last project before the moving was to shoot some footage of and for a Frisian
re-enactment group from North Holland (West Friesland). They were doing a 7-days walk through 'the Iron Age..
as much historically correct as they could)

So I went with them for a day and shot some footage, wrote a little story and made a short 'film' of it which you
can watch here: (I'm the man with the beard and spear)…

It's in Dutch, but you may like the footage and the music! If you like the Iron Age and Germania, this is for you.

I hope to find some time to do another stock/photoshoot with my Crusader friends...keep watching!

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...while we recover from the birth of our son. ;)

Also, our !@#%$ computer needs takes aaages.
Anyway, thanks for all your comments and photomanipulations and artworks..
I will reply to all of you, just give me a few days to get a bit of sleep. :D
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Watchers, friends,

My movie 'De Stelling en de Zwatte Dood' (The Sherriff and the Black Death) is FINALLY done and
can be viewed on Youtube! It has been a lot...whole lot of work, but I think it has all been more
than worth it. A film about a local legend ('beefed up' a little bit...), with friends, family and myself
starring in it, lots of self-made props -mostly of recycled materials-, a cheap and cheerful camera
and Windows Live Moviemaker: a recipe for home-brewn fun and epicness....sword of (haha)
Oh, and I should of course mention the AWESOME medieval themeparks that I could film in...
sometimes it's sooo easy to take that sort of thing for granted, you know.

Music's by me too...soundtrack will be released via iTunes or something like that in the months to

This version of the film is in Stellingwarfs, a local Nethersaxon language, but I'm sure there will be
an English version one way or another because of my English/Aussie family and foreign friends.

If you want, view this version and enjoy the images and music!

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I needed a good shot of me in the Black Death costume, so before we went on a 'promotion spree' (can't call it a tour...we did only five places in two towns :D ), there was a photosession. 'Meine' was also inspired to do some hacking, slashing and stabbing in front of the camera, so another series was born. One can never have too many knights, right? ;)

We hope you will enjoy it and wish you fun in editing, drawing, messing around and mucking about.

Here's the link to teaser 2 of the movie:… The film will be published on the 7th. The English (spoken or dubbed...) version will follow later.

Yesterday, we went to the 'Camp of the Ancients' at Borger where we shot a lot of photos with the DA artists in mind. Lots of stock with Germanic people/warriors of various periods. So there's a lot to look forward to. :D
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Hello followers and friends,

Today I decided to try something a bit different: to take some
photos for stock and reference material. No epic wandering in
the most beautiful and wild parts of Friesland, but simple and
clean shots in my friend's backyard. Just me in a couple of
outfits against a backdrop of firtrees and grass.
I must say that Tasastock's and PirateLotus' galleries have been
a bit of an inspiration...I don't know how they make packs and
such that something people err....'dig'?

Anyway, it went pretty well and there are some good shots.
It seems I do need a different lens for my camera though, but
all in all it was fun and I hope you'll be able to use it. I'll think
about rules and such too, but for now: don't make anything
against God, Christ or the Church.

On another note, my short, amateur-film will be released on
Youtube in Juli (English version later...maybe I'll sub it first)
You can watch a teaser here:…
and never mind the release date mentioned there. :P

More of my videos can be watched here:…

I hope you'll enjoy the stuff I put up and I'm looking forward
to your manipulations and drawings. :D
A VERY cold and VERY windy day on the heath. Me and me three mates went to the Barren Dunes again,
in our medieval gear. Unfortunately it was a lot colder and windier than I had anticipated and soon my
fingers started freezing which interfered with the general photo-taking. We soldiered on regardless and
a couple of hours later we had a bunch of pics of which I can share some with you.

On another note; if you want to use my stock and send me a message, please DO reply to MY reply!
I'm a pretty calm and gentle kind of guy, but messaging me and not replying ticks me off a little.
It gets my goat. Makes me reluctant to ever do anything for anyone ever again.

O.k. that's a bit too strong I suppose.... :D But, don't ask me anything if you really aren't interested in
my answer. Such antics make me think you messaged a whole bunch of guys and you really couldn't give
a toss about my work.

So, there's the inevitable ranting from your friend the Crusader. Unless you're an which case
you may very well be having a word with my sword soon....just as long it's not too cold where you are. :D
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